::Compensation Advantage::

Compensation Advantage was founded in 1994 to support organizations as they worked to improve the effectiveness of employee compensation programs that support retention of top performers.

The firm has become the premier compensation consulting provider in Middle Tennessee.  Areas of support include:

  • Market priced base pay salary structure development
  • Market pricing jobs
  • Job documentation (job descriptions)
  • Determining FLSA Exemption status
  • Specialty market surveys
  • Team bonus program development
  • Management bonus program development
  • Sales incentive program development
  • Employee recognition programs
  • Total compensation program assessment
  • Performance management programs
  • Pay equity assessments

For more details refer to our Services Offered page.

The Compensation Advantage:

Customer Project Teams – We work directly with leadership and designated staff for compensation program development.

Strategic Start – We work with companies to design a compensation strategy and measures of success to use as a guide during program development and after implementation.

Business Need Drivers – We work with leadership to ensure any compensation and related pay-delivery program instituted is aligned to near-term and long-term business objectives.

Clarity – The compensation package is designed clearly and specifically for the organization.

Communication – We work with organizations to ensure the newly designed compensation programs are quickly and efficiently communicated to the workforce.

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