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At Compensation Advantage, we understand that compensation programs are just one element of a company's relationship with its employees. That's why we integrate the programs we develop throughout the organization. Our core services include:

Broad Banding Programs

Today's business climate requires support systems to be flexible, easy to administer, and supportive of flat organizations.

Traditionally, companies operate with a defined hierarchy in their workforce. Each position is given a specific title, job description, and "rank" within the organization. Compensation Advantage offers an alternative to the traditional "stair-step" hierarchy. Broad Banding eliminates minor differences among positions found in traditional compensation programs and brings a wide array of benefits to your company such as:

  • Simplifying compensation programs
  • Providing a flexible pay delivery system
  • Reducing layers of bureaucracy and supports flat organizations
  • Eliminating barriers and encouraging communication
  • Encouraging employee development
  • Increasing flexibility of your workforce

Compensation Program Design

A simple, flexible compensation system is a business necessity today, especially for small to medium sized companies.

The right compensation program is the one that furthers your business goals. Compensation Advantage works with you to develop an integrated system of compensation programs to bring the best return on investment including:

  • Market surveys - specialty surveys of unique jobs to establish current market values
  • Variable Pay Programs - management, team based and project bonus programs
  • Skill Based Pay Programs - reward programs for knowledge and skill
  • Performance driven pay - base pay programs in which salary increases are based on regular evaluation of each employee's contribution

Job Pricing Services

The 'right' amount of salary depends not only on what your competitors pay, but also on how you value the position.

Compensation Advantage guides the process to determine a fair value for positions, from starting salaries to future rewards. We'll also develop an evaluation system, which allows management to review job values in the future as the company evolves.

  • Internal Position Evaluation
  • Market Salary Surveys

Integrated Program Development

Compensation programs must be tailored to each business and fully integrated into the organization.

Compensation Advantage specializes in providing compensation programs that align to business needs and goals. We will evaluate each unique business situation and develop a package that will be cost efficient, motivational, equitable, and provide growth flexibility. Programs include:

  • Benefit Programs
  • Performance Management
  • Career Development Programs
  • Labor Regulations
  • Information Systems

Flexible Compensation Programs

Compensation programs must be flexible to meet your changing business environment

Compensation Advantage works closely with management and employees to ensure that compensation programs meet the company's needs and have the flexibility to change. . We recommend:

  • Programs Developed with Management and Employee Involvement
  • Periodic reviews to Ensure Program's Success
  • Flexibility in Design to Allow for Future Change

Government Regulations

Legal compliance need not add cost, but non-compliance certainly will.

Failure to comply with the myriad of federal, state, and local rules can have devastating effects. Compensation Advantage works to ensure that your compensation programs meet all government regulations without incurring needless costs. Our expertise includes:

  • Pay Equity Act
  • American Disabilities Act
  • Family Leave Act
  • Federal Contractor Rules
  • Child Labor Laws
  • Minimum Wage
  • Overtime Regulations
  • Record Keeping Regulations

Local Benchmark Surveys

Compensation Advantage has developed a process and survey summary system that compiles individual employee data simply for anywhere from a handful to hundreds of jobs. The process ensures participant confidentiality while reporting detailed results to all participants.

As you are aware, the Department of Labor has prosecuted industry associations for conducting their own compensation surveys. Compensation Advantage stands ready to support you in the collection and summarization of base and total annual compensation data.

Survey results can be reported for all participants or be broken down by geographic area. Surveys can typically be completed in a six week window from the time participants are identified and invited to participate until a final report is ready for distribution.

If you are interested in learning more about a survey for your special needs, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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